Cartoon "injures" Chevron: Update

Okay, so here it is in a brief filed in the United States District Court, Southern District of New York.  Chevron adds "web videos" and "cartoons" to the list of ways they have been injured by the evil conspiracy of people extorting them to clean up the jungle take their money.  You can read the full brief here.
In short, the brief is an attempt to show that Chevron has in fact been injured and does have standing.  Judging by the way the brief is written, I think Mr. Mastro may be a little busier with Chris Christie than he'd like.  A few of the slightly-clearer excerpted tidbits include:

I. Chevron Has Suffered, and Will Continue to Suffer, Ongoing Injuries

. . . Chevron continues to be threatened with a variety of “real, immediate, and direct” injuries. 

. . . they have already unleashed a barrage of near-daily press releases, letters to government officials and shareholders, web videos, and cartoons in an effort to extort a payoff from Chevron.


If you'd like to find out more about the people who are trying to "extort" money from Chevron, you could start by looking here.  I'll update more as I find out additional information, but in the meantime, spread the word and count your free speech blessings!

Oh, and in case you missed it, here again is the cartoon that injured Chevron.

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Goodbye Net Neutrality, Hello Gilded Age Internet

Did you hear about the recent federal appeals court ruling that shot down the terribly-named "net neutrality?"  Most people probably didn't notice the news and aren't quite sure what net neutrality actually means anyway.  Before the court ruling, Internet service providers had to treat all content going through their pipes equally, just like conversations are treated going through a phone line.  That is "net neutrality."
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Obama Translated

I can't say that I had very high hopes for Obama's NSA reforms.  (Hello, Gitmo?)  The man can still give a good speech, though, and make me feel like everything is going to be alright.  Unfortunately, what really matters is the policy and what actually happens.  After his recent announcement about reforming surveillance procedures, bulk collection of everyone's communication data will still occur.  (It doesn't matter if you're two steps or thirty-five steps removed from a terrorist, everyone's data will be vacuumed up regardless.)
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The Climateers!

Contrary to popular belief, global warming did not end because of the Polar Vortex.  If all you did was watch mainstream cable news, you'd think the entire world was covered with snow and freezing.  While it's made for some great icy news footage, the media have portrayed a pretty United States-centric view of the world.  Actually, it's a half-the-United States-centric view of the world.  California, for example, is in drought conditions and there are forest fires happening in normally snow covered and rain-soaked mountains!
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One minute Middle East update

With Islamic extremists raising their ominous-looking flags over Falluja and Ramadi again, it's not looking too good in Iraq and the rest of the neighborhood.  Sure, Iraqi government forces may take back some territory they lost, but it's never a good sign when you have to shell your own country to maintain order.
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