The Pete Peterson "Grand Bargain" Hoax

Here's another cartoon I did in conjunction with the Center for Media & Democracy and PRWatch.  Most people haven't even heard of Pete Peterson, yet he's a multi-billionaire who is spending loads of cash to drive the austerity and debt discussion.  Hint:  he might not have your best interests in mind.
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Tea Party Galaxy: Voyage to the Center of Delusion

With the government shutdown continuing and no real negotiations happening, it seems that Captain Ted Cruz is still at the helm of the Republican Party.  It's helpful to remember that the Tea Party crew's main demand is an end to Obamacare, a health care reform law that was passed years ago.
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Outsourcing America Exposed!

Here's a fun project I'm working on with the amazing crew at PRWatch and the Center for Media & Democracy.  (These are the people that exposed ALEC.)  You would not believe what they're revealing about the spread of privatization across the country.  From privatized water, roads and parking meters to privatized, um, government.  It's really pretty awful.  You can find out more on their incredibly well-researched and extraordinarily-footnoted wiki page here.  
Ahhh, how I would love this powerful team of researchers/journalists/lawyers/rabble-rousers backing up each of my cartoons.
Oh, and yes, these are the people that worked with me to create this animation:
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For Your Fridge! (Or computer.)

"Breaking News Consumer's Handbook" is one of the better, funnier attempts at preventing journalists and humans from making an ass of themselves during a breaking news event.  Came across this on the Twittertube from On the Media.  
One of my favorites, since unfortunately we hear about this all the time:
"There's almost never a second shooter."
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Shutdown with Sammy Salmonella

What better way to prove your commitment to proper health care for Americans than by shuttering the national flu vaccine program and stopping food safety inspections?  Clearly, right wing conservatives have your best interests in mind.
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