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Camp Do-Nuttin', recess for Congress

Now that members of Congress are taking their summer recess, no meaningful legislation will get passed.  In other words, nothing has changed.  This Congress, particularly in the House, looks at legislating as something to be done after campaigning, after appearing on cable news shows, after fundraising, after washing the car, after cleaning out the rain gutters and whatever else may need to be done on a lazy summer day.
House Republicans seem to have created an activist PR agency rather than a functioning legislative body.  Why worry about funding the government past September 30th when you can sue the president?  Border crisis involving children, drugs and guns?  Forget comprehensive immigration reform, send more money to the Israeli army instead!
So, besides not really doing much of substance when they're supposed to be running the, um, country, now Congress gets to have a five week vacation, on top of their other vacations and breaks.  Nice gig!  (Be sure to check out more news behind the cartoon here.)

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  • Ernie


    08 August 2014 at 00:23 |
    So on the mark!!


  • Michael Klein

    Michael Klein

    10 August 2014 at 05:51 |
    Sorry, Mark, but I need to disagree with you on one point. Funding Israel was one positive thing that Congress has done -- and the action was overwhelmingly bipartisan. As I understand it, the money is to be used to fund Israel's Iron Dome defense against missiles - a highly successful system that is preventing Hamas from causing massive civilian casualties. None of the money is being used to fund Israel's ground operations in Gaza., as your cartoon suggests. Often, I'm in full agreement with your cartoon, but on this point, you're far off the mark. Sorry.


  • Robert Stahnke

    Robert Stahnke

    21 August 2014 at 11:05 |
    It~s not only the House but the Senate also does not consider House bills.


  • Dawn Goodman

    Dawn Goodman

    24 August 2014 at 12:14 |
    It is amazing to me how the Washington Republicans can get away with not doing their jobs for 6 years and take taxpayer money to sue President Obama for doing his job. I think that John Boehner needs to reimburse the taxpayers for every dime of tax payer dollars he spends on this frivolous lawsuit out of his own pocket. I think legislator salaries and benefits should be cut across the board to attract more desirable candidates to serve in public office who actually care about the needs of the average American.


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